Built on Values

Building bridges through relationships and leadership experience 

What we wish to do...

Values in action!

Strong Communities

With national politics at a place that is so divisive that it does not seem to speak for the people anymore, looking local and building community where we live inspires me.  I promise to bring people together, celebrate difference, and represent the unique needs of multiple communities. 

Listen Carefully

As a health care provider, a professor, and a select board member, listening to and hearing people is critical. Listening is the cornerstone to my practice of engagement. As my father always says, "You have two ears and one mouth for a reason." I promise to listen to the people of Fairfax and Georgia.

Grow Vermont

Ensuring an attractive, affordable, and equitable Vermont is the key to prosperity for all. Responsible growth means affordable housing, health care, and child care. It means supporting small businesses and communities so they may realize their potential. It means working creatively and collaboratively with many different constituencies to find and execute what is best for most. I have a proven track record of working across difference to create progress and I will bring that experience to Montpelier for you. 

Invest in the Future

We have to invest in affordable housing through reasonable policy development. We need to invest in education at all levels. Our children are our future. We need to invest in clean energy. Our planet depends on it and Vermont can be a national leader in this sector. I promise to leverage my experience as an educator and public official to help create a more prosperous and sustainable Vermont. 



Liberty and Justice For All

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