Who thinks I am the person for the job?

As I've shared already, it's the relationships that make or break seeing great ideas through to the end. I have a long history of positive, impactful relationships that set the stage for being a great representative for Fairfax and Georgia. 

Here are some folks that want to share what they think...

“Fairfax and Georgia are fortunate to have a candidate of the caliber of Alan Maynard for one of our two representatives in the new Franklin 1 district. Al lived in my small neighborhood for about a dozen years before moving to a house about a mile away to meet the needs of his expanded family. I saw a connection to the move my husband and I made decades before when we too had to find a bigger house but knew we had found our home in Fairfax. Al has a broad connection to Fairfax that includes his wife’s position as music teacher at B.F.A. Fairfax. He is a dedicated community member, serving our school and town as an athletic trainer, coach, and select board member, currently Vice Chair. I spoke to Al three years ago to ask him to consider running to be Fairfax’s representative and I am thrilled he has put his name on the ballot for our new district. Alan Maynard has my full support and endorsement.”

Representative Barbara Smith Murphy, Franklin 2-Fairfax

Vermont NEA

Recommended and Teacher Approved!

Al has been recommended by the Vermont National Educators Association. Teachers have always been the backbone of any community and we believe they need our support to do their best work.

Thank you teachers and thank you Vermont-NEA!




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