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Alan "Al" Maynard
You know me...

I'm Al Maynard and I'm asking for your support to represent you in Montpelier. I have lived in Fairfax for 20 years. My wife and I chose Fairfax to raise our family because it reminded us of home. One blinking light, more cows than people, and a tight community. I have been blessed to serve in many capacities including leadership roles at the University of Vermont, on the board of directors and as a coach for multiple local youth sports organizations, and most recently as Vice Chairperson of the Town of Fairfax Select Board. I am a passionate leader, engaged listener, and fierce proponent for what is right. If elected, I will be a steadfast advocate and leader for the Fairfax and Georgia communities for years to come. 

Community Building

Leadership and Positive Impact

I have served the communities I've lived and worked in in a variety of ways.
Please allow me to tell you more...

Fairfax Select Board

You have already chosen me to represent you in Fairfax and I thank you for that! I have been honored to serve on the Town of Fairfax Select Board. What I have learned about municipal government and community engagement is fantastic...and I will take that to Montpelier with me. Providing space for constituents to share their perspectives and needs while also providing vision for the future and knowhow for executing the strategic planning Fairfax and Georgia deserve. I bring strong leadership with municipal experience and I promise to continue to serve you in this manner. 

BFA Fairfax

I have been the Athletic Trainer for BFA Fairfax  providing acute care to injured athletes for 15 over years. I continue to work hard to ensure the health and safety of our high school athletes. I have developed policies and procedures that make our kids safer. I have also coached boy's and girl's high school basketball over that same 15 years and have developed wonderful life long relationships with young adults and families. 

Youth Sports

I have coached coached basketball from kindergarten to college but my favorite times are working with young kids on their journey of understanding life lessons through sport. Working across the towns of Fletcher and Fairfax while playing towns from all over Northern VT is a great exercise in community building. I have also coached lacrosse for the past 5 years and in the past couple  have lead teams combined from Milton and Fairfax. Fostering these new friendships across town and county lines have helped us all understand those lines are artificial.

Vermont Association of Athletic Trainers

I have served as President of my state professional association, representing hundreds of licensed health care professionals. During my time on the board we worked in the Vermont State House to ensure licensure for ATs, third party reimbursement for ATs, and to strengthen the laws around concussion safety for high school athletes. I am very proud of my work with the Senate Judiciary Committee in drafting and testifying on what we now have as our concussion law. 

UVM President's Commission for Inclusive Excellence 

I am a professor at the University of Vermont and teach Public Health. My doctoral studies were in the area of organizational leadership and policy studies. Having worked at UVM for 20 years and navigated the very political structures therein, I invested my time in uplifting marginalized voices and working hard to make UVM an inclusive institution where everyone has a sense of belonging. I am very proud to have been asked to be the chairperson of this commission by the president and feel my time in that position made the university better. 

UVM Eugenics Apology and First Indigenous Peoples' Day

Working directly with Abenaki leadership, I was able to broker difficult conversations that generated real change regarding the university's relationship with the indigenous people of Vermont. These talks generated the eugenics apology from President Sullivan. This laid the groundwork for the celebration of the first Indigenous Peoples' Day on the UVM campus. 

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Please watch this short video that shares why I got started down the path of being a Representative, what I think are the core tenets of leadership and government, and what I feel are some of the key issues facing Fairfax, Georgia, and Vermont.

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